I’m not the romantic in the classic sense, and I’m sure that it is one of my many shortcomings, but I hope she knows how I love her so. I’ve never been one to be impulsive, random or selective about when, where and how I love. I like to think that there should never be any doubt about how I feel but there always seems to be some question. Just maybe there isn’t ever a moment that I don’t show it or maybe it’s because there isn’t ever a time that I’m not living in love, that she feels that she isn’t special, but I certainly don’t love anyone else, the way I love her; could you imagine?

Imagine there is someone that every time he looks at you, he just knows, period. He knows where he belongs and doesn’t question anything while just being. Now imagine he is thinking about how fucking delicious you taste. Yeah, I’m going there. You might not be able to see it in his expression but I’m pretty sure that his mind has already gone there. Imagine that it isn’t just the taste of your delicious pussy that he is thinking about, but about how your sweet tongue rolls over his and how your lovely lips melt his, or how your soft curves feel against his hard frame; yes I said hard. I’m hard because I’m just thinking about how your kiss is craving and how it beckons to be answered and how your delicate fingers climb through my hair to pull my kiss deeper to satisfy your cravings. My cock grows and I know, that word, isn’t always appealing but I think it fits, and perfectly in you. Can you imagine how it does? I am.

You know how I insist that it is flavored in you before you can taste it? Well that is because I really just can’t wait to be inside of you. To feel that feeling of completeness, and wholeness and finally that “AHHH” feeling after just being so close and personal with her. Being able to milk my goatee of your sweet nectars as I stand between your quivering thighs and lather my cock with them and to see the anticipation in your wanton face. That smirk on your face because mine is covered in you as I push your legs open and run my cock up and down over your sensitive clit and around the rim of your honey pot before breaking you with the just the head of my cock. I push slowly while pulling your lips around me and grip your hood and pull your pussy taut as I back in and out while your waters permit more and more access. I imagine how it must feel and can’t help to push it farther and harder as I perform lazy eights around your clit with my thumb. I don’t know what I’m doing really and can only imagine while using your rolling eyes, dreamy lids and frowning brows while you nibble on your lips as a sort of compass. When your tides finally overcome me and the friction has subsided, I withdraw my drenched cock from your nether mouth to fill your other one.

I imagine your perfect lips around me and that stoned look in your eyes as you smoke me. I imagine your full lips stretching thin as they do around me and how your gullet expands begging to be filled as your nostrils flare for air because your snorkel doesn’t quit work right. You remove your safety hand from the base of my cock as you attempt to swallow me more and seem to be relieved when I take the wheel and drive myself. Your eyes are a contradiction, begging both restraint and abandon as I attempt to be gentle and not push your limits; but you pull me in deeper and I feel your throat fighting us both. Your eyes fill with moisture but your brows speak determination, and that only increases when you get a taste of my pre-seed with approving hungry and happy sounds, like a master chief that has tested their own delicious creation. I imagine fulfilling your wishes while filling your stomach, but I’m not quite done with you yet and withdraw once again. I’m imagining more and the night is young.

Your eyes looked like you’ve been deprived of your catch but they can’t deny that you too imagine. I imagine you wonder what I’m going to do to or with you and where I’ll move or demand of you. Your face grows full with anticipation as I pull you to me at the edge of the bed. Your smile, like when your rollercoaster car just drops over its highest peak, is full of exhilaration as I pull you hard against me and flip you over onto your stomach with a surprising roll of the cart. You laugh like you’re enjoying the ride and we’re both anxious for what’s next, and though we both know, because it a ride we’ve been on countless times, it is one ride that we never get tired of and one that is wonderfully new each and every time. You buck like a mare with anticipation as I spread your beautiful legs and tight ass so that I can watch me break you again. I want to see your hungry nether mouth gaping to be fed as I look past your spying brown eye and align him just right. I push my cock deep inside you with less caution than before and you squeal with approval as I bounce off your ass. Your pussy contracts and constricts in a death grip as you push back with handfuls of bedding, seemingly wanting to be punished as my sword crashes into your deepest parts. Anxious not to disappoint and desperate to please, I lock my hands on your hips and imagine that I can hurt you. I pull you hard into each of my thrusts as you howl for more and threaten to come. “Oh shit!” I think to myself or maybe out loud, as I imagine your orgasm building thick over my cock and I plead “come on me”.

You do not disappoint and like that roaring lioness, you come, but it isn’t the killing blow that ends the show but just an intermission as you look back over your shoulder with an obvious challenge in your eyes as you push back even harder against me and slide back and forth on my thickly churned cock and demand “fuck me more”. I see in your determined eyes that you will not be happy until you are filled and over flowing with my love. I look down and I’m momentarily mesmerized as I watch your blood filled parts hug me tightly until you push back again, demanding my attention. Shaken from my living dream I spin you on my cock onto your back and tell you to hang on. You monchhichi around me as I carry us both to the middle of the bed and we fall to the mattress together, you catching me inside you and your arms. I inhale you for a second wind and reach down under us and spread your ass to get that much closer and start to strum your clit to the tune of our number one hit. I find our happy place just inside your gates and use your shallows like a spring board before diving into your depths and continuing to practice my dives hoping for the perfect score. The change in depths causes delicious friction and it isn’t long before I’m forgetting my form and plunging deep after every bounce with a Quasimodo hunch in my back and struggling to hang onto any rhythm. With your screams of abandon cheering me on, I amazingly manage to keep in step just long enough for us both to convulse together in spastic climax, and like that air humping dog I continue until the spasms subside and we melt together into the big beautiful mess that we are. I’ve been told that I have a good imagination. Happy Hump Day!! 

Foreplay Foreplay

By taking it back to the beginning, I have found a way to participate again. I’ll admit that I stumbled upon this but I’m glad of that, and now use it to my favor; well it has always been in my favor but now I’m more in control of my destiny. I feign some way to lead him to believe that I’m not “in the mood”. He is incredibly intuitive and empathetic so it does not take much subterfuge. So just when I have him where I want him; I execute my new or old found maneuvers.


Just as he is resolved to resting and assuming the position, that is when I take it back to the old school. I move into his side, give him just a couple soft kisses good night and start to rub the fury wall. This is how I originally stumbled across this once common trail and I found its hidden powers. Just being snuggled close to this hot furnace and how his pheromones are triggered under my fingertips as they trace over his muscular frame is enough to get my motor purring, and I understand why he is so often propelled to jump the gun. But I inhale and absorb him with forced perseverance allowing my fingers to roam. I’ll detour off the hidden path and run my fingers over his package just once before going back to stroking the fury wall. With the seeds planted and his happy sounds reverberating through me as a warning, I wonder if he can feel my smile growing against his side.


You know the saying about teaching an old dog new tricks? Well I’ve been so f’n spoiled by his assertiveness in the bedroom that it is more like a refresher for both of us. Taking it back to taking our time and not skipping any bases on our way to home plate is perfect foreplay foreplay. I love the fact that he loves to give oral and I’m eternally grateful that he loves to give oral; did I mention that he really loves to give oral? And it isn’t solely for me; I don’t think he could live without it, so getting him to just lay there is a feat in and of itself. It isn’t too long before those warning sounds become verbal as he warns “you’re fucking pushing your luck” and my smile stretches even more as I push it by letting my fingers roam off the path again, this time over my thickening… I mean his thickening package, Freudian slip there. I think my cover is blown after I reach into his briefs to pull his fattening and cramped dick up to stretch it across his groin before withdrawing my hand and returning to his fury wall not so nonchalantly. When he pulls my nearly drooling chin up for a hungry kiss and asks if he needs to lock the door, I realize it was a rhetorical question because who could say no even if they had the breath, and I hear the lock click before I even realize he’s gotten up. I stripping my nightie off before I even remember that I had a plan and say “fuck it” and that we’ll review foreplay 101 tomorrow as he is pulling me across the bed to him.


Not surprisingly, my pussy is already wet when he slaps my clit with his heavy cock before filling me with it. He rocks me slow, deep and mercilessly, making sure to rake my g-spot each time before colliding into my deepest parts again and again. I’m giddy at my success and the perseverance to have procrastinated as long as I had and was already on the verge when he withdrawals his manhood and leaves me feeling like a gulping fish on the dock before he roughly pulls my head over to the side of the bed and pushes it to the mattress and fills my hungry mouth. I come a little and cry a gargled cry around his delicious cock as he slides two fingers inside me and scoops me up by my g-spot. He drives my face for a short while but I know he’s hungry for me and I’m surprised it takes him as long as it has before he withdrawals again and leaves me gulping and pulls my nether mouth to his lips so he can eat voraciously while hooking my g-spot and pulling my pussy to his face like a yoyo on a string. It isn’t long before I’m coming and find myself flopping like that fish on the dock again and he is standing over me patiently yet threateningly with cock in his hand, waiting for me to come down.


Many smaller orgasms were still surging through my body when he rhetorically asked me if I was okay before slowly filling me again. I was immediately on countdown and couldn’t answer if I wanted to as he rested his cock inside me for a moment and pressed his thumb down on my screaming clit like a compress and I felt my body literally start to melt around him. He knew when before I did and slowly started to massage my clit as he played in my deep end so that he wouldn’t over stimulate my g-spot just yet. He read me like cliff-notes and somehow knew when once again I was nearing the end of his rope, I mean mine. As if reading my face from a funhouse mirror, he knew that his window was quickly approaching and he dropped his hips as he unsheathed most of his sword and drove it deep into the heart of my pussy. He speared me repeatedly while strumming my clit and as my whole body seemed to crawl up his cock to ring the bell like the one at the top of that rope in the gym, he asked “can I come?” That was all I needed to hear apparently, as that bell rang like nobody’s business and all I could do is manically nod my head yes. He came fast and hard and just in time because I felt I might launch off his cock if it were a second more. He then fell onto my bosom as we echoed a panted “I love you”.  So as I’m writing this today I realize a couple of things; the first is I realize that my muscles are actually sore from the contractions from coming and coming and secondly that I’m wet again and can’t wait for tonight’s foreplay foreplay. Happy Hump Day!!

Glad You Came


She shook her head no with big crocodile tears filling her eyes, the classic pouty lip and quivering chin when I asked her if she wanted me to stop. She then wrapped her legs around me tighter and threw her arms around my neck as she verklemptly replied “never”.


She pulled me in tighter as her crying continued and left me torn on what to do until with her tears now streaming down both our cheeks and in a hyperventilating pant she cries in my ear again “please don’t ever stop”. I go up on my elbows so that I can try and read what she wants in her eyes and as I wipe and kiss her tears away she clarifies with a snotty kiss and hard rake of her teeth “fuck me John”.


Okay I’m thinking as my smirk reiterates and followed by a resounding thrust that jars her under me and causes a tender squeal to escape her as her face contorts to a grimace as I see her frown’s attempts to turn upside down. With that glimpse of encouragement I continued to slam into her with long hard strokes that make our pelvises collide as she continued to cry. Her cries sounded liberating while also demanding and as they became louder, her nails warned me not to stop as they dug into my back and shoulders with threat. The whole time I’m thinking isn’t that how we got here?


Her first orgasm ate all my stamina while making her the beautiful mess that she was, but I was afraid to quit and still eager to fulfill her needs, so I brought my hands down for an assist. I riffled through her pages, spreading her taut and teasing her knot while strumming and drumming to the chorus of my favorite song. The sound of her getting there is what I live for and with our hearts beating in tandem and her tears finally waning, her cries went silent and I knew by how stiff her body grew while shivering as if with the flu, that another orgasm was racking her. Once I finally heard her take a deep breath again and her body softened, she asked if I came. When I replied that I hadn’t but that I was glad she had, she gave me a pouty sad face again as she rolled me over a said “that just won’t do”. I told her that it was okay and that I was happily too tired but she just shook her head, stood up and pulled me out of bed and walked me over to our chase and sat me down. Before I could contest any further she swung her leg over me like a rice rocket and lowered herself onto my still manageable chubby cock.


I truly didn’t believe that either of us had it in us to get me there and I hate it that I’m like a chic that way. I feel bad that I’m difficult to finish at times and especially enjoy those rare times that a quickie will finish us both together, but she wouldn’t be deterred. This time she matched my determined grin as she continued to guide my cock in and out of her while whispering some encouraging word until no assistance was necessary. Her grin grew with my cock and I could tell that like me so often, she was getting off on getting me there. She was reading my face and with any weakness she saw, she pounced harder in my lap. Her banter didn’t stop either, as she laid demands and told me everything I needed to hear. “Spread me, put your finger in me …” and how good my cock feels and fills, until my own mind went blank and all that I could do was inhale as her face went from triumph to a personal triple, as she joined me in climax. I couldn’t thank her enough as I thanked her profusely because it felt like a huge weight was drained from me literally. She both joked about how much I came and how backed up I had been as she said “I glad you came” before dismounting and waddling to the bathroom hoping not to dribble the whole way. Happy Hump Day!!!

Poking the Bear

I thought it be fun to give him a dose of his own medicine by being the brat for a change. I was feeling particularly mischievous and I used the fact that we were already on a tight schedule after an excessively busy week and that we had very small window after work to get ready before we had to go out to my advantage. We didn’t have time for one of his aerobic marathon fuck sessions and I certainly didn’t feel like I’d be able to pull off a quickie either, but I felt like I needed just a lil somethin somethin to hold me over till later. I was coming out of the shower when he was just getting home from work and I purposely but nonchalantly strolled out nekkid and noticed right away that his eyes lit up. Like a man, his mind went blank and he went into single purpose mode just like I had planned. He backed me up to the bed, kissed me hungrily hello and asked if he could kiss my nether lips as well. I said sure but that it would have to be just a kiss because we had to get ready to go. His eyes dimmed a little but I could still see the fire in them that he believed that he could still break me. I just smiled while thinking to myself “hey boo boo, come get your pic-a-nic basket”; I love poking this bear.


With renewed confidence he pushed me back onto the bed saying that we’d better hurry then, and as he crawled over me to break me down further, I put my hand on his face and mushed him down between my thighs. “Aight” he muffled as he pushed my legs apart further and bit down onto the meat of my vajayjay and shook his head like a happy dog with his favorite chew toy. I wouldn’t be deterred from my goal as I pulled my lips taut to help narrow his focus. Bingo! As he slurped me up like an oyster off the shell and I pulled his face into me tighter by the back of his head until it hurt just right as his face smashed into me. I kept him on my clit by shear force until I felt me fill up and then I let him go so that I could continue to poke the bear. When I released his head, he dropped down to find me bursting and dove in as he stuck his tongue deep and drank merrily and rubbed his nose around my stiff clit. I knew that finding me so wet would lobotomize him further and that he would think he had me on the ropes but I was just getting started. When he stood up all confident with is shinny happy face, and manically unbuckled his belt and dug his big hard cock from his briefs, and lubed it in my juices before ramming me hard, I just bit into my bottom lip for resolve while he celebrated my perceived demise. He power drove me hard with his pelvic slamming into my clit on every stroke, hoping to keep me off guard and my mind off the clock; but after a dozen beautifully punishing lashings I put my foot on his chest and pushed him away and told him to get in the shower. He couldn’t believe my resolve as he stood there pouting and stuttered “but…but” while framing his harder than nails, thick glistening cock with his hands. I slid off the bed and onto my knees to throw us both a bone and sucked him vigorously while making my appreciation for both, his raging erection, and my delicious flavoring, audibly obvious. To maintain my bratty dominance, I pushed him back and ordered him to the showers just as his appreciation got equally obvious by his ambitious drives towards the back of my throat and the taste of his pre-come. He was flabbergasted with his expression and obvious throbbing frustration and gave me that “I see what game you’re running” look before nodding his head like “I got you” and turning towards the bathroom to shower.  I just said hurry up and gave him that bratty smirk he always gives me.


I rushed him out of the house and when after we were at the bar and he was still pouting, I told him that I still wasn’t wearing panties and asked him if he could smell our sex on me. His eyes narrowed as he said “you bitch” before he cheered “here’s to going commando” to all our friends who obliviously cheered and drank. I could tell and see how preoccupied his mind was again and he continued to give me durty looks and sniff the air around us all night. At one point I took his hand and ran it up my sweaty thigh after we danced a few song and told him to smell it, and as he did and his head rolled back in ecstasy, I sucked his flavored fingers deep and extra slow. All he could do was narrow his eyes and give me that “you bitch” face as he once again framed the thick bulge growing in his pants like someone had dropped magic beans in them. Without reservation I grabbed his chub and squeezed it tight and asked him “how does that ever fits in my ass” before giving it a good tug and him a bratty smirk. He again looked at me like I was an alien before snapping out of it to spontaneously yell CHECK! I just gave him my bratty smirk and pulled him back onto the dance floor by his cock while all our friends whooped and stared with their mouths hanging open.


I knew that the bear was becoming too dangerous to continue poking when he started overtly man handling me as he took a commanding lead in our dance. It was obvious that he was done being mister nice guy after he pulled me in high and tight on his thigh and split me with his still raging cock, and grabbed me by the back of my head and kissed me dangerously before whispering into my ear that I was pushing my “fucking” luck before letting me slide back down his cock and thigh. I felt my juices literally dripping between my thighs and suddenly wondered and worried if we’d even make it home as I yelled “CHECK!” and he pushed me off the dance floor. We told our friends that we had to go and apologized as they all just looked at us both like they were going to spray us down with a hose. He paid our tab and walked me out of the bar by the back of my arm, like a petulant child all the way to the car and stuffed me in before closing the door like I might try to escape. I smiled and jacked up my dress and dipped my finger to test my oil as he just shook his head like a mad man on a mission and the tires squealed out of the parking lot as we speed down the street. He told me to take his cock out and I obediently obeyed; and just when I pulled his heavy cock out and had my hot mouth around the head, he pushed me back into my seat and told me to finger myself. “But..but”; was all I got out before he roughly pushed my knees apart wide and told me to fuck myself. I smirked because I was so wildly turned on, and as I massaged my juicy pussy, sliding my finger in and out of me to gather more of my running fluids to rub into my clit, he ordered me to play with my ass. My mind screamed “holy fuck” and as I worried that I poked the bear too much, I worked my ring finger slowly into my ass as I tried to stem the flow from my pussy with my index and middle. Just when I got all my fingers past my knuckles and it was apparent that I was on the verge of coming, he said “no no no” and pulled my head into his lab by my hair and ordered me to suck his cock until we got home. As I swallowed his impossibly hard cock, he reached behind me and slowly massaged his finger in my ass and warned “wait till I get you home”. I came right there singing deep over his cock, both full of expectation and trepidation and immediately grateful for the few long island ice teas I already had.  


I drooled all over his cock and was making quit the mess when we pulled into the garage. He slammed the car into park and put his seat back so that he could force my head down deeper over his cock. I gagged and it seemed to make him harder as he pushed and rolled my head over it before saying “get your ass in the house”. As I was opening my door he was already picking me up by my arm again with his cock still bouncing in my face. He ushered me into the house and all the way to our room. I told him that I had to pee but he just threw me onto the bed. I desperately removed my dress so that he wouldn’t ruin it as he undressed, and when he roughly picked me up with the front of my bra, I quickly undid that too  while he kissed long and hard. He then pushed me back onto the bed and as I started to back pedal he pulled me to him and flipped me onto my stomach and I continued to crawl. I couldn’t help but smile as I crawled to the middle of the bed thinking that the night had turned out way better than I planned. When I felt him bury his face in my ass, I have to admit that I was a little worried by his enthusiasm, but that fear was quickly replaced by embarrassment as he gnawed and gorged himself on my already sloppy wet pussy. I even pushed hard against his face hoping to drown his ass until he pushed me off and flat on my stomach. He told me to spread myself and I did immediately but with a fair amount of apprehension.  When he painted my backside while lubing his cock in my juices and threatened with beautiful pressure at my ass, I found myself pushing back onto him subconsciously and just as he was breaking into me, he said no and pushed me back down onto my stomach before falling hard into my pussy and telling me how he wanted to fuck me. Relieved yet left wanting still, I worked my own finger into my ass for both our pleasure and he seemed to drive me even harder. I was coming all over the place when he grabbed the back of my arms again for leverage as he changed to a flat footed position behind me. Oh my…he felt so fucking deep as he got into a fast hard rhythm as I approached a whole other cosmic level of orgasm. It felt like I was going to piss myself and I couldn’t have cared less. I could also tell that he was obviously close too, by his familiar chorus and relentless pace, and said fuck it as I consciously made the decision to not hold back my orgasm, and released. He couldn’t have been happier as my orgasm must had been visually obvious, and he cheered and roared to his own beautifully intense climax. Exhausted, the bear fell down next to me, and as we lay there sated and spent all we could echo was a panted “holy shit” and as I looked around us, and all over us, I thought that I might as well pissed myself but the difference immediately became crystal clear as I jumped up and felt the unmistakable urgent need to do the real thing and rushed to the loo squeezing my kegels and praying to make it. Happy Hump Day!!!

Couples Massage


I thought it was just my hopeful thinking at first but the coincidences became too obvious to ignore, but I did anyway.   I let my husband arrange our massages this time but I trust him because he knows that I prefer more of a caress than a massage. I was nervous at first because I normally prefer the gentle hands of a woman but his hands were convincing enough. They were perfectly manicured and just callous enough to let me know that he knows how to work with them. I could tell that they were strong, and just the right size and obviously knowledgeable of anatomy as he knew how to read me like brail. I liked the plausible deniability allotted me with the padded relaxation mask covering my eyes, and how he managed my movements as if I were blind and handicapped. The music was meditative and the candles therapeutic and if I weren’t already stoned before I came in, I think I would have been drooling anyways. When he removed the sheet covering my bottom, I waited for him to replace it but when I felt him over me and his hands pushing down my back, I just feigned sleep.

With just the right pressure he worked his strong hands down my back into the top of my butt before slightly pressing his thumbs into the meat of my buns while his fingers ran down my hips and ass before coming together, causing the delicious sensation of being spread ever so lightly. He continued those motions and had me going at both ends as I felt him lean over my body to be able to reach over the length of me as I also felt or imagined his manhood hovering over my head like a halo I wished to knock off. I was shocked when I heard my own wanting moans and tried to wane them off while still feigning sleep. When he moved around the top corner of the table and I felt his heavy package float over my fingers that he conveniently positioned there, it took all my will not to react, pull back or grab for that matter, while trying to ignore it completely. I felt exposed because I knew he was moving around the table and when he picked up my sleeping arms and moved them to rest at my sides, I half hoped that he wouldn’t be able to see or smell the nectar of my fruit. All bets were off as he started to massage me from the waist down.    

Again a moan escaped me when he picked up my legs to spread them slightly. Feigning sleep was getting impossible but I knew that I needed to get my happy sounds under control. It is so hard though when the pleasure is so great and I’m just talking about the foot massage he started with. I swear that there are pressure points that he is aware of that are directly connected to my clitoris that I tried not to react to, as it felt like my nether regions were flexing involuntarily in response to his touch. But as his hands moved up my calves where he dallied just enough and at the back of my knees, where who would have thought that it would feel so good, and as he continued to move up into my thighs, I felt like my hips wanted to rise on their own in anticipation. He worked my hamstrings and quads like he was rolling doe and boy did I want to rise. I imagined him pulling my up to my knees and to his face and I literally had to remind myself to relax as my hips hovered off the table. I thought that it might had been all wishful thinking until his thumbs worked up the inside and back of my thighs, kneading me and causing my nether lips to part and that is when I first smelt the sweet aroma of my juices and was so embarrassed because there was no doubt he had to as well, until I heard a slight pleased sound escape him; I continued to feign sleep.

As his fingers inched closer and closer to my fruit, each time spreading me just a little more, I tried to be mindful of my own happy sounds but it wasn’t possible as I heard his increase. When his thumbs worked around my swelling lips and pulsing star as he worked the body oils into me, I was torn by whether to charge or retreat. My hips don’t lie and they were giving me away as I found myself involuntarily grinding into the table to suppress my throbbing clit. The cat was out of the bag and screaming in heat and I thought that there would be no way that I could handle this on my back, and wondered how much further this could go. That is when he, as if reading my mind, lifted my hips and brought me up into puppy position and I cried out “YES!” He massaged the bridge of his nose into my wanting clit before moving up between my folds and diving into my delicious pool and spreading me with his face as his tongue continued to work out the knot that was my clit. I was so relaxed that my first orgasm just left me idling with many smaller ones following and I would have been happy if it ended there, but I heard his moans get hungrier as he swallowed me and I felt the table shift under his weight as he got on and posted behind me. Again my anticipation got the best of me as “YES!” gave me away again and I was torn when he pulled my mask off and gathered my mane, and as he pushed his fruitful manhood inside me and pulled back on the reigns, I dared to look back over my shoulder and dared him “MORE”.

I wasn’t disappointed to look back and see his gorgeous nekkid body flexing behind as he did inside me. He is a man, thick, strong and masculine as his muscles rippled, warned and promised of more to come. He released my mane and I fell back to puppy pose and brought my hand down under us to feel he thick shaft as it spread me and raked his carriage as it bounced off me before I found my clit and continued my own kneading. I was coming but not like a broken hydrant, but more like the big hoses used to drain the pool, and how each orgasm works its way the length of the hose before finally splashing its way to freedom, just to be followed by the next and the next. I was pleasantly spent and didn’t think I had anymore to give until he picked me up with one strong arm under me and with that hand at my throat, he whispered into my ear for permission to come. I hesitated before answering; mainly because that lit another fire in me, and because I didn’t answer right away, he ran me deeper, harder and faster before asking permission again. Then I wasn’t able to answer because my climax had already built too much to speak and could only nod my head yes and realized his request was rhetorical because his filthy descriptive whispers promised me that it was eminent. Just the censored version of “I’m coming so deep that I hope you can taste me”, had me coming more like that hydrant. I came so hard and was thankful that he was too deep to expel and I was so grateful that his strong arm was holding me up as he came with a vengeance. He was perfectly punitive as he came and drove me so hard and deep that my soul shattered, causing me to leak from every possible orifice. We both collapsed on my puppy pose and echoed “I love you”, and as we recovered and dressed, I asked my loving husband if he ever considered being a masseur or swore that he had been in a previous life. Happy Hump Day!!

Couch Therapy


The kids were all out for the night and I was thinking about ordering in Chinese food and then popping in my retainer and watching an On-Demand movie or reading in bed and just relaxing together. I didn’t know I was horny, and kind of also felt that it would be one of those nights that my orgasm would have been just out of reach and not worth risking his back with the effort, but when I came out of the room after my shower and saw him lying there all hunky and shit on the couch and he gave me that mischievous smirk and deadly dimples, and best of all he apparently was waiting for me because he was nekkid and massaging his already stout cock. With my indecision gone and my mouth watering, I made the only logical choice; I strode over next to him and dropped my towel and playfully planted myself on his chest like a convenient little horse trough from which he could eat.

Like I had said, I wasn’t sure if my vajayjay was going to play nice or if she was going to be difficult, but I knew I wanted to be in control so that he wouldn’t hurt his back any more than it already was. I was half joking around when I sat on his chest and was going to get up, but his smile and happy sounds convinced me to stay; plus he pushed me down on my back and opened my legs like the covers of a book and told me to spread myself for him. I obeyed because I didn’t want to disappoint him after seeing his face light up like that, plus I appreciate what a voracious reader he is. I figured I’d play along and feel it out and see where it took us without having expectations; all I knew was that I didn’t want him to have to work, especially since I felt like I was going to be too difficult to please. That was before, I did what I was told me, and pulled my pedals back to expose my little stamen and he sniffed my flower. I felt my exposed clitoris and nipples pucker under the breeze of the ceiling fan just over us and from just the pure anticipation of his touch. He didn’t touch me yet and just feeling his hot breath on me made my pedals moist in anticipation and my flower blossom. He inhaled me and watched my clit grow harder until, with one of his hands he reached around my thigh and pulled up at the meat above my nub to spread me tauter as he continued to breathe in my bouquet and his happy sounds got hungrier as I felt my essences welling up inside of me and threaten to spill.  He was playing with me too; watching my nether lips plump, and my nub grow, begging to be tasted while my perfumes filled the room and my hips rolled in dance on his chest. But as his happy sounds got louder, I felt his cock grow thicker under my head, and I knew his resolve would be waning and that he would taste me soon.

I went from not thinking that I couldn’t, to feeling like one was dangerously imminent, before his mouth even touched me. It was like being exposed on a stage and on display as I posed on his chest and he spread me and just breathed me in. I wanted to sit up and grab him by the hair and grind his face into me and wondered how he does that to me. Just then, he spreads my folds and I feel his tongue lap up my bum while his nose penetrated me to taste my saps. I knew I had him then because he growled in approval and moved his glistening nose around my swollen stem while he drank from the source. He maintained enough resolve not to actually touch my desperate clit, but it was probably for the better because I was already to explode and afraid I’d expire too soon. I rolled my head over his thick growing manhood, thankful for the beautiful distraction; and oh what a distraction. I wasn’t accustomed to seeing him from that angle and it turned out that, what was good for the goose was also good for the gander, because all I could do was gander as it leaned heavy against my face. I reached behind my ear and grabbed him and stroked him next to my mouth and breathed him in for a taste of his own medicine. I jumped when his tongue touched my clit the first time before I kissed the fat bulbous head of his cock in return.

I knew this was going to be one of the more original positions for us yet and I was quit digging it because he wasn’t able to take control, twist and turn me at his will and was forced to sit and eat all his vegetables, if you were. He still managed to sway me with his cock and I quickly noticed that he mimicked my enthusiasm; so I reached around my head with my other arm and massaged his already tightening under-carriage while I managed to turn my head just enough to run the tip of his cock into my mouth. His natural curve facilitated as he reciprocated by isolating my clit and humming his appreciation around her while fencing my clit with his tongue. I turned my head back and forth jamming his cock into my hungry mouth while my own appreciation reverberated through his cock. We sang our hearts out and I literally had to choke my orgasm back because I didn’t want the song to end, but when all hope of a stay was gone, I knew that I wanted to go big and not alone. I let his cock pop from my mouth covered in my spit and I reached behind my ear and squeezed his throbbing cock and rolled it in my tight grip like giant dice. I squeezed his cock with all my might as I heard my slick grip slide from around the tip of his pulsing cock all the way to hit hard against his tight promising balls over and over while his tongue matched my enthusiasm to break all my resolve. I’m always amazed by the stamina of his mouth as he drove me at full blinding speed into and through my orgasm. I came so hard and continued to come as his own muffled screams promised the same until I knew and you just can, because his cock gets so fucking hard, and his balls so tight that they almost disappear; and just after a few more burning strokes, we had liftoff. He came so hard that he sprayed the whole room as I felt his seed rain down on both of us until he jerked in my grip. We panted and laughed at the awkwardness of our new spent position before I managed to roll off his chest and onto the floor. We were both so sated that all we could do was laugh even when he wiped his own seed from his forehead and we looked around the room for the rest of it. Conveniently we used my shower towel to clean what we could find before calling for Chinese, taking a quick rinse and searching for an On-Demand movie to watch. Happy Hump Day!!! 

Soul Clapping

Premeditated as charged; It had been an extra challenging week for both of us at work and in addition to the grueling first week of back to school activities for our five spawn that we desperately needed to decompress. So after we got all the kids busy into an On Demand movie, we barricaded ourselves in our room and smoked a fat blunt before I showered while she just waited for me to rejoin her in the bed where we both just happen to be privy to our own little peepshow by a conveniently positioned mirrored door to our bathroom. I watched her toiling under the covers while watching me as I lingered at my thickening cock in giddy anticipation. I lathered and milked my hyper sensitive chub as it hung between my thighs, and it was more than obvious that there was no stage fright as my cock enjoyed all the extra blood flow. After our little peepshow, I Shaggy’d my stoner ass over and into bed where her instructions where for me to just relax and allow her to spoil me for a change. I assumed the position as directed and chilled like a mother fucker while she pet me and my cock with her pixie dust. Chillin was easy for me at first, but I slid my hands under me to be safe and to help me remember to keep my hands to myself while she used me like a chew toy. She toyed, chewed and smoked me until my cock was impressive enough to trigger bigger needs in both of us.

Play time was over as our appetites grew and she wrapped her lips around my cock to satisfy a deeper hunger. Her mouth slid up, down and around me, stopping briefly at every floor before in-between before going back up to the penthouse just to descend again and go a level lower than each time before. When she made it all the way down to the lobby I removed my hands from under me and placed one on the back of her head and pushed the elevator down button rapidly, hoping to end up in the garage. Her being stoned facilitated her descent while I controlled my urges to choke her by changing my position and moving under her where I could also attempt to silence my own ravenous munchies. She readily complied and she swung her leg over to straddle my face where I was immediately privy to the effects that smoking my cock has on her; with her glistening, glossy and drooling nether lips already promising to appease my deprivation.  

I wanted to gorge myself by eating everything on my plate and as quickly as humanly possible, but I knew I needed to be more restrained if I hoped not to push her over the edge and out of the game too early. I knew when to lay off because she would lose her focus and just moan with my cock resting in her mouth until I would give her a gentle reminding thrust with my hips while flexing my cock to snap her out of it. She would then wrap her hand around my cock and massage my balls and taint to let me know that she was back in the game and that I could also continue. I tried to keep her focused as long as possible but the wetter she gets the more I lose my fucking mind. I got so carried away filling her with my fingers and alternating my tongue flicks from side to side and up and down across her screaming clit that she came like a broken hydrant, spraying my hand and showering down on my face in a sweet and salty rain. After she came her body froze stiff, like the startled Myotonic fainting goats, and she fell over next to me while I caressed her body until she relaxed and was receptive enough to continue. When she no longer jumped under my touch and her body softened, I moved up behind her to check her accessibility by slowly sliding my cock just a few inches inside of her and out again, avoiding going up between her swollen curtains and still too sensitive clit, playing my own elevator game until she was once again sufficiently wet and rolling her hips as she manically pushed the down elevator button herself; this time hoping that I’d end up in her parking garage.

It was in those first few inches inside her that I use my cock to prime her motor; by pushing my cock up and across her g-spot rapidly back and forth, I played in her shallow pool until I once again could tell that she was redlining. I then pushed past those first few inches to fill her, slamming into the deepest parts of her hard a few times, smashing her clit and bouncing off her swollen lip before coming back out for air. I repeated that, bringing her right to the edge before pulling out completely and again wiping her juices from my cock with long paint strokes from up around her jumping bean, to all the way down to her flexing holes before breaking into her again and again. I watched her as she struggled to maintain and it is so beautiful to see her in that much ecstasy that I couldn’t help but to want to give her some more sweet release. She watched me until even that is too much and then she rolled her head and eyes while she seemed to silently gasp for air and her face contorted with the most erotic threat of some soul shattering sneeze. When I saw her orgasm churn like whipped butter around my cock and realized that she was still in the game for extra innings, I covered her with my body for a more intimate slow dance while catching my breath to for our last set.

We kissed slowly while I barely moved inside her until her muscles relaxed and her eyelids stopped dancing as if my cock were delivering a mild shock, and her kisses became hungrier and more demanding as she rolled her hips under me before offering me the lead. Taking the lead, I buried my head between her head and shoulder and reached down under us to tune her stings, prepared to break out my best dance moves. While we performed our bump and grind, our dance position stayed the same but the rhythm and beat changed drastically and I held her tight to me and dropped it like it’s hot. It wasn’t until I heard some high pitched cries that I realized they were coming from me while I tried to suppress my deep throaty bellows into the crook of her neck, and that I also couldn’t help noticing that my undercarriage was spanking her ass so fast that it sounded a salsa and merengue dance troop clapping to our beat. I knew that I was obnoxiously too loud, but said screw the noise ordinance because we were too close to stop. Finally her soft whimpers, probably caused by my crushing weigh and incessant jack hammering, grew to echo my own as we both started to come, or she was just begging for mercy. Anyway, I came for what seemed like would be the perfect amount of time for a heart stopping roller coaster ride at a big theme park. When the ride was over, I picked myself off her so that she could breathe again and rolled over so completely and perfectly spent, that it took some time before we were able to move and bring ourselves to get up and rinse. As I assisted her out of the bed I made a mental note in my calendar to clean the sheets, because the big hot mess of snail trails and wet spots on our dark blue sheets looked like a battle field after two warring slug armies. Happy Hump Day!!

Minutes in Heaven

The rules of the game were easier than following them but that is the oath we took before playing. It is a spin on Seven Minutes in Heaven and spin the bottle, the caveat being that the person to whom the bottle pointed had to then be blindfolded and go into the master bathroom in our case, and wait for either the person that spun it or the person of the spinners choosing. So that is how I found myself in my master bath, out of my mind nervous and thankful that one of the rules added was a shot of your preference before being blindfolded. Being blindfolded also meant that I wasn’t permitted to touch or talk. So I was greatly relieved to smell a familiar perfume when it wafted from the door being opened and closed, because it was her delicious husband that had spun the bottle.

Relieved because I just didn’t feel that I was ready for him, not that I never thought about it. They are a very attractive couple that have been friends of ours for years since I hired him to work for me. They are about ten years our junior and ridiculously in their prime. My husband and I always flirt and tease with the idea, and them for that matter, and that is how I found myself in this position. When I felt her soft hands run down my shaking arms as if to steady my nerves while also providing me direction to keep them at my sides, her finger tips slid off mine and to my waist causing my legs to shake involuntarily again. She kissed my stomach above my waist while unzipping my skirt and pulling it down until it fell off my butt and down around my ankles. She continued to kiss along my groin and over my heated mound and lacey panties before she started to roll them down over my hips as well. I wanted so desperately to steady myself with my hands in her beautiful natural curls but I promised to follow the rules. She put her hands at the back of each knee as she picked up each leg to remove my skirt and panties from around my heels while her soft full lips kissed the inside of each thigh. When she stood again I was thankful she kept my heels on because they made us the same height. When her kiss opened my mouth and our tongues danced, she ran her delicate fingers up my sides and around my areolas causing my nipples to turn to diamonds and my pussy to flutter, and making me feel that I needed to tighten those muscles to keep my building nectars from pouring out from between my thighs.

Her kisses were soft and sensual, her smell intoxicating as we played tug-a-war with each other’s mouths making me grateful for being able to participate that much while making me hungry to do more. I was startled then by the breath and unfamiliar happy sounds coming from over her shoulder, and I froze like a pantomime not knowing what to do. I suddenly felt way more exposed and instinctively moved my hands to cover, but much bigger and stronger hands stopped them by my sides. She brought me back down with soothing kisses before her lips were replaced by his. They swapped turning my face up and down to meet their lips and I could tell by the angle I needed to turn up my head that it was her husband. All six foot four, dark and handsome, and that is when my muscles couldn’t contain any longer and my juices dripped like a fresh cut watermelon down the inside of my thighs. His kisses were strong, probing and demanding while stealing my breaths in whimpers. I fell against the counter, luckily I was at seat height with my heels on, and the granite supported me just below my butt. That is when I felt her drop down between us and scoop up one of my runaway steams at the inside of one thigh and made her own happy sounds as she sucked her newly flavored fingers clean, before slightly lifting and opening one knee to drink from the source. Her full lips pulled at my swollen mast while creating a valley for her to drink from and she drank using her tongue to keep me flowing, all the while her husband’s demanding kisses and strong leading fingers kept me barely cognitive. Again I was thankful to be resting on the granite counter when I came, surely over filling her hungry mouth and dribbling down her soft mocha chin, before hearing the distinct sound of an opening zipper. I listened intently as she turned her focus on him, and her happy sounds got deeply muffled as his sounds reverberated in my lips. I felt the back of her head back up and bounce off my fluttering stomach like a warning or promise of things to come until she made a satisfied sound and stood and kissed me again; this time her lips fuller and her tongue hotter than before with just a hint of his delicious cock to make my knees buckle again. She slid from between us, leaving me again, in the dark and desperate for instructions.


I didn’t know what to do but he did; and he put his incredibly large hand on my stomach and turned me around gently but deliberately, bending me over the counter before resting his heavy cock on top of my butt. He rocked back and forth and I felt both trepidation and anticipation for what he was warning or preparing me for. He pulled back far enough to allow his heavy cock to finally fall off my ass and between my legs, and when it sprang up with a hard thump again my clit, I squealed and silently pleaded with him to put me out of my curiosity. It was her hands that pulled me apart to usher him in as I felt her delicate fingers pull my lips around him as he slowly pushed into my tiny glove. She continued to mold me around him until he couldn’t go any further and I was wet and relaxed enough to accommodate him. Her hands then stroked my ass and back to sooth and relax me until my body and involuntary pleas helped to dismiss their apprehensions. I remember his cock and can still feel it when I recall, like now; and I’ll be eternally grateful for his tenderness. I’ve never been filled so completely where it balanced perfectly between pleasure and pain. It was like a needle full of adrenaline directly to the heart, and nearly was every time he buried deep.

She continued to stroke me soothingly and it wasn’t until she teased my with a delicate probing finger, that I realized that I had been holding my breath. And just like that, her finger closed some circuit that opened every nerve ending to my brain and reminded me that I needed to breathe. I suddenly came to the realization that my face was frozen in what must have looked like panic and it wasn’t until she turned my face to ventilate me with breathy kisses, that my scowl relaxed and my mouth closed on hers and my lips reciprocated. Like a maestro using her long, slender, piano fingers like the maestro’s wand, she directed our concerto through to our last symphony. I wish I could accurately describe how his magnificent cock felt like as it slid in and out of me, but the only thing that I can compare it to, is the feeling I had after that final push when my babies were born and the complete relief I felt when they were finally out of me and put onto my chest; all that pleasure with just the right amount of pain. My orgasm was also an out of body experience that culminated with his surreal flexing manhood pumping his hot seed deep into me and lassoing my soul back to my body while her kisses tamed my tears of pure fulfillment. After his curtain call to a standing ovation, he bowed and tapped me lightly on my quivering hips as a considerate warning before he backed himself slowly out and left me with drained and in need of support once again. It was like he took one of my legs away and I felt unbalanced, vulnerable and exposed again and it wasn’t until I felt those knowing, loving and secure arms support and turn me, and after he removed my blindfold to confirmed my suspicions, that I saw my husband’s voyeuristic blue eyes and ravenous smile. He helped me to my vanity chair and as our omnipotent couple dressed and exited with benevolent sated smiles and waves, I imagined blowing them big waving kisses, and throwing bouquets and even my panties after them when I was jostled awake to see my husband’s real curious bedroom blues inquiring. Happy Hump Day!!!

Summertime Fun

We really enjoy our sunrises during the summer with our brood. It was our typical Sunday sunrise outing, where we herd our little zombies into in the SUV by six am, swing into Dunkin Donuts for a pit stop of sugar in the guise of ice coffees, donuts and chocolate milk before continuing onto our destination mere minutes from the house. The donuts are the only way we could get the kids to agree to sunrises and it is a small price to pay for the peace. We’re in our beach chairs with our toes in the sand and donuts in hand when the sun breaks over the horizon to remind us why we do it. It is absolutely beautiful, especially when the water is flat as glass and treating us to a mirrored sunrise. We love having the beach mostly to ourselves with just a few likeminded stragglers. After soaking in the view, and hopped up on our diabetic inducing sugar intake, we’ll comb the beach for sea-glass, play volleyball and swim in the bathtub temperature waters special only to Florida. We get more than our just fill and just when civilization just begins to join us in droves, we pack up and head home for a rinse in the pool and a healthier brunch and maybe an afternoon nap.

By the time we get home the children are still amped up on too much sugar and speed around the side of the house to burn off some energy in the pool while my husband clears our gear from the SUV and I put out some sandwiches for our turds in an attempt to head off the inevitable revolving door in search of real sustenance. When my husband come in from the garage I drop an unintended advance that had the most imaginably divine consequences than I could’ve hoped for when I told him that I was going to go rinse and asked if he wanted to join. Honest Indian, my intent was innocent and I didn’t even think of seducing him until I saw how he looked at me after I asked. I even started back-peddling in retreat while telling him that the kids were in the pool, but I knew that I was in trouble and that my concerns were lost to his obvious hunger. While he started to stalk me, I could tell by the complete change of his demeanor, that I should flee, from the way his eyes measured me, to how his smile spoke of how he could already taste me, and to how his muscles rippled like he was about to pounce, I knew I was in the best trouble ever. I smiled nervously as I backed into the bedroom slowly, fearing that if I turned and ran that it would trigger some instinct to chase, but really I wanted to make sure he was following; and to make sure I removed my bikini top just as I broke the threshold of our bedroom and kicked the door closed with my foot when I was sure he was coming.

Just like I hoped, he burst into the bedroom, closed and locked the door behind him, and with his shoulders up and head down and those soul piercing blues zeroed in on me, he threatened with his whole body, and that it when I decided to run. I sprinted across our large master-suit but he was on top of me with lightning speed. He grabbed me at my hips and I was able to juke out of his grip by pushing his hands away but he caught one wrist and I knew then that I was good as eaten. With his freakishly strong hands he spun me around and pinned me to the bedroom wall with both of my hands easily being held above my hand by just one of his. The look in his eyes caused my loins to dance as I felt myself moisten; and unlike the spray of the skunk, mine just maddens him more. He played with me like a game of cat and mouse; swatting and clawing at me, pulling the waistband at my bikini and sniffing the air as my sweet aroma wafted out to fill the air. He forced his hot mouth over mine as I feigned to fight by turning my head until he locked it down with a firm pull of my hair, pinning it back and my mouth agape. He pinched my nipples to punish my defiance before reaching down and pulling the string that tied my bikini at my hips. I just stared into his gorgeous eyes still feigning insolence and daring him to go for the kill. When my bikini bottoms fell around one ankle, he firmly grabbed the meat of my mound and clit like someone would the back of an unruly cat’s neck and broke my seal, causing my juices to flow freely down my thighs. When he saw, felt and smelt what he had done, I knew there was no turning back because he wiped up my snail trail of juices and shoved those fingers into my mouth pinning my head to the wall while he dropped to his knees to begin his meal at my tenderest parts.


He burrowed his nose in my pool before using it to spread me while pushing just above my pelvis and pulling up my bed-skirt to expose my throbbing clit. He spread me taut with his face and attempted unsuccessfully to plug my leak with his thumb while forgetting to turn off the spigot that is his tongue. I had to mute my first orgasm by clasping my palm over my mouth and was relieved to hear that the children were still making more noise in the pool than us. Happy with his appetizer he stood and pushed me towards the bed, directing me with a firm grip in my mane in case I had any ideas. He escorted me up onto the bed and positioned me on all fours while he kissed me from tail to head before burring his own deep inside of me. As he filled me so completely he nibbled and bit at my back and neck like a lion in heat before he begged me not to move because he was already so sensitive and needed a minute to contain himself. He should have kept his mouth shut because I rarely get the opportunity to put his on the defensive. I pushed back hard, butting him while squeezing my kegels tight, knowing I had already got minz. He growled at my disobedience and wrapped my reins tight and fucked me right. And like that majestic male lion he hammered me like a pile driver as if to teach me a lesson. I thought “teach me right mother fucker” and bucked back hard with knuckles white with tight grips of bedding to hold my stance firm and daring him “harder”. Knowing he was straining to contain was making me more excited and desperate to break him and I forgot I was supposed to be quiet and couldn’t help it when my fervor got the better of me. We were being loud and like two rebellious teens, and sounded more like a couple of feral cats going at it when like music to my ears, I hear “I’m coming”. He released the reins and moved his hands to leave love bruises on my hips while he punished me into another climax with the hard blows of his throes. I came so hard and felt his magical cock throb inside of me, and as we fell spent, we both echoed “we’re so bad” hoping that we escaped detection with all our raucous. With smell of our sex in the air, we cranked the ac and rinsed before unlocking and opening the bedroom door with nobody the wiser, and took a very sated nap. Happy Hump Day!!

Playing In Puddles

It amazes me how the crowd parts as he escorts me onto the dance floor with fingers laced in mine and how oblivious he is to the attention and respect he elicits. It is our world tonight but I’m the center of his Universe always. He is testosterone incarnate in all his hunkiness as he pulls me through the air while some Barry White, Marvin Gaye and Isaac Hayes shit grinds more than our souls. He churns me like butter as he parts me with a knee, a strong hand in the small of my back and the other at the back of my neck. I’m swooning and lean back, riding high on more than just his thigh and don’t even notice when the music stops until I look around at our spectating fans and see the girls gawking and the men trying not to. I whisper into his ear that I need to freshen up because he has made me so wet and his eyes transition from sensual to ravenous and made me feel like fleeing.

Who am I kidding; I knew what I was doing as he backed me up to the high top we had near the dance floor. Before I realized his intentions he had pushed me to where my ass was barely on the seat, dropped nonchalantly and pushed his nose into my molten mound and inhaled me and was already standing when I went to pull him up. His blues rolled back behind his curtains as he threw his head back like I’m the best shit he ever smoked. I literally watched his dick grow thicker in his slacks before he grabbed my hand and brought it down to feel the proof as he pushed his body between my thighs and promised “I can’t wait to get you home” and how obviously hot I made him. He cupped the back of my neck and pried my mouth open with his teeth raking my bottom lip before his tongue licked the inside of my lips and fluttered my tongue, teasing of things to come. I had to push him away and excuse myself to the ladies room because I felt like I was making a puddle as I felt my juices soak through my panties and start to dribble down the inside of my thighs. I turned around and signaled him to close our tab with an aerial check mark, the cut throat sign and I couldn’t help but notice his more than obvious excitement as his cock threatened to rip a seam in his slacks as he sat there pouting with his hands framing his discomfort as if to say “how could you leave me like this”. I wasn’t easy but I needed to leave – we needed to leave.

When I returned, he and his still chubby dick escorted me out of the club where our car was already waiting; apparently he was also in a hurry. I was stripping before he got into the car and was completely nekkid with my feet on the dash before he got it into drive. I was so wet still that it was easy going as I slid my finger inside me and told him to get us home safely. Every time he took his eyes off the road and looked at me with his pouty lip out and whimpering cries, I’d shove my glazed fingers into his mouth and turn his head forward and say “safety first”. I made a huge puddle with my first climax and gathered it up in my palm and fed him by sliding my fingers into his mouth and then moussing his goatee. He was crying like a big puppy and pitching what looked like a painful tent before I unzipped his slacks, reached into his briefs and fished his fat cock from its binds. Picture me now with my nekkid ass in the air and my lips wrapped around his thick growing deliciousness and no tint on the windows; I couldn’t have cared less. It was a pure shot of hormones as a muffled whimper escaped my mouth full and my pussy also filled to the rim again as I tried to swallow him whole. His cock tastes so fucking good that it causes my mouth to water and overflow in a glistening stream down his thick cock and in and around my knuckles to facilitate the hand that feeds me. I took him deeper and deeper and as we both dropped gears to get us home faster, he moved his right hand from two o’clock to over my ass as he reached to slide fingers into my steamy catcher’s mitt and pulled me deeper over his cock. It was too much for me to contain as it rained down my thighs once again and I sat up in my seat to catch my breath before continuing to play in my puddle while watching his cock throb and dance in his lap. I demanded “home Charles”.

We pulled into the garage and as I’m getting out of the car, he rushed up behind me and knocked my clothes out of my hand and threw me up against the car like a dirty cop. He kicked my legs apart and dropped down behind me and pushed and pulled an arch in my back as he performed a cavity search with his face. That is when I noticed that the garage door was still open but thankful because it was super-hot and the outside lights weren’t on. With the little light coming from the garage motor, it was like our garage was a television left on while the world just fell asleep on the couch within a few feet. I lost even those thoughts and pushed back to sit harder on his face as he frisked me for contraband he promised to plant. I wouldn’t have minded having a female officer present during but I knew I deserved it, and wanted it more. My legs nearly gave with my confession and would have fallen if it weren’t for his face holding me up. He then stood, pushed my face against the passenger window and ran his fat steaming hot baton deep and hard. I found myself screaming and him growling as he punished me while the sounds of him playing in my puddle turned me on more than embarrassed. After all he is the one that makes me so wet, and It was so fucking hot in the garage that we both were dripping wet, and me with more than just sweat. He ran his hand down the valley of my sweaty back pushing my sweat to where it briefly puddled in the small of my back before he spread me, permitting the stream to continue down over and between my cheeks and around his pistoning cock before following gravity along our undercarriages and down our legs to rest in the puddles beneath us. I looked back over my shoulder to see him looking intensely down and between our bodies to watch his dick as it split me like a fallen tree into a stream causing it to break up into smaller creeks and continue down to their resting puddles below us. He grabbed me by the back of my arms and drove me harder, and I pictured in my mind’s eye and from his point of view, his cock stretching, pulling and pushing in and out of me as my nether lips stressed to accommodate him. Sweat dripped off my swaying breasts and nipples like rain to cause ripples in the growing puddles under us and I desperately tried to stay off with excruciating bliss the threatening and inevitable dam failure that destined to flood our garage until I it became too much to contain and begged him to come with me. I pushed back into him hard with every drive and verbosely described how deep his cock was and how I was going to come all over his cock until all I could squeak out was “NOW!” He hammered me impossibly faster and harder as his grip continuously slid, first down my arms, and then off my sweaty hips until finally, we both screamed our emancipating cries. He rested briefly on my back while we both panted and caught our breaths and looked up and we couldn’t believe that we were able to steam up the car windows from outside the car. He walked me into the house, hit the garage door closed and we both left puddles all the way to the shower. Happy Hump Day!!

Siren’s Song


I had a headache when she curled up into my side and pulled my hand down to rest between her soft thighs. We chatted about our day while she ran her fingers through the hair on my chest with her head rested on my shoulder allowing me to inhale her whispering pheromones. They were curious as she cast her lines and chummed the waters. Finally satisfied that we were both just content being together with our toes in the sand she rolled over to drift away, but I heard her pheromones and could not let her go.

I turned to spoon and pulled her close, anchoring her stern to me before she could drift away. With my face in her waves, I stroked her curves as she sang to me in moans of appreciation. Like a siren song, her lyrics were pulling me off the jetty and tighter into her, bringing me under the waves to chase my mermaid’s tail. My hand followed her curves around her bottom and as my fingers slid over her gills, I found her already wet. I dipped my tips and used them to gloss her lips in silky bait; and as made apparent by my thick bowing rod, I was hooked and my line was racing, my reel smoking.

I slowly slid my fingers deep as she fought to shake the hook and I knew that I needed larger test line if I hoped to get her in the boat. I quickly switched rods and pushed into her depths with my heavy reel and tried to pull her onto the deck hoping to watch her writhe on her back under me. I couldn’t find the strength to get her close enough to gaff and she fought long and hard; enough to pull me into the water with her. I refused to let go and continued to reel until she was close enough for me to press my thumb into her own lure and massage it, and as she floundered I realized that I was the one captured - hook, line and sinker in her siren song.

I was suddenly in a fight for my soul which I did not care to win as I wrapped my hand around the base of my pole and lifted hard while she swallowed the other half of my rod. I slammed into her hooking her perfectly, and while she jumped out of the water and sang her song louder, I felt the fight for my soul getting more frantic. The knuckles wrapped around my rod punched into her with each pull as my hook dug deeper and deeper until she told me that she was giving up her soul to me. I removed my grip from my rod and fell deep into her depths hitting bottom, once again falling for her siren song. I fought to breach for air several times, pulling my anchor across her seabed each time until finally I didn’t have the strength to surface again and realized that I was happily drowning while our souls twirled in a beautiful dance as we circled in the whirlpool together. 

We both came to sometime later, apparently washed ashore only to be woken by the cool waves of the ceiling fan crashing upon us, and I once again wrapped myself around her and pulled the covers over us as we echoed “I love you”. Happy Hump Day!!

Coffee Much?

I’m hot and bothered when he walks into the room to offer me a hot cup of coffee. I’m annoyed by his gracious interruption because I’m at a really juicy point of my dirty little novel that has me feeling violent and flustered. I close my book feigning appreciation and look up to take the coffee, hoping to expedite his departure when he becomes way more than an annoyance. I look up and as I’m taking the coffee with two hands hugging the warm cup something else catches my eye. At eye level, I’m greeted or treated to more than a cup of joe. I look past his initial offering to see another package that captures my interest.

Suddenly happily distracted, I notice that he is wearing his night slacks which are a pair of green scrubs that tie in the front and that appear to just hang on his hips and delicious package. He is shirtless and his tight abs and happy trail is a pleasant backdrop as my attention is focused on the green rolling fields made by the fabric of his scrubs as they fold around his manhood. My mouth immediately goes dry and as my steamy book comes to life and I lower my hands and cup of coffee that were obstructing my view, my mouth suddenly begins to water as he asks if there is anything else that he can get for me, still oblivious the hot mess he has walked into. I tear my eyes from my prize to put my coffee on the side table before zeroing in on my prey again, reached up and pull the string on his scrubs, as I mutter “keep an eye out”.

I didn’t need to look up to know his reaction because as his pants started to fall, his lightning reflexes grabbed them before they dropped off his muscular backside. I pull the slack to the front and as his tie strings retracted back into their snake holes, I exposed the base of his mighty trunk. I looked up his muscular frame and into his curious blue eyes as they looked down on me questioningly before darting back and forth from me to over his shoulder for any of our roaming brood as I reached into his pants and wrapped my hand around him to lift him free. I nodded my head to tell him to keep watch as I pulled his already thickening warm reticulating snake from its cage knowing from my peripheral that his head is darting back and forth to remain diligent. It grew quickly, stretching my fingers and grip as I took the head into my hungry mouth.

He was paying for the frustration spurred by my juicy book and it was extremely obvious that he was happy to be a martyr as he pushed deeper into my bear trap and continued to grow. I was hungry and wolfed him down like a convict with only a small window to eat. I felt his fingers lace into my hair as he cupped the back of my head and pulled me deeper over him. Like magic beans, he grew in ways that challenged me, but my hunger was great and I grabbed his flexing glutes to pull him past my straining reflexes.  He isn’t just a shower but an amazing grower and it was soon understated that I had bitten off more than I can chew. When I tasted the sweet and salty warning of things to come and heard and felt his enthusiasm, I brought my hands forward, one to wrap around the base of his fuse and the other against his tight abs to buffer. I looked up to see his locked jaw profile while he remained diligent of interlopers and watched over his shoulder while taking the wheel and driving me home. My already dew covered valleys have grown in threatening storm surges that were about to break my levees when he grabbed my face and pulled me off him and up for a violent kiss before pushing me towards our bedroom. Oh how the tables have turned.

He pushed past me and pulled me into the room like a child that was going to be spanked. I felt my juices fall down the inside of my thighs with anticipation. I was suddenly a petulant child that had soaked her panties and desperately wanted to be punished. He locked the door and dragged me to the bed by the back of my arm and threw me over the side. He pushed up my long night shirt and ripped my drenched curtains open before diving into my pool. He was rough while taking his meal as I felt his face bury in my trough. If that mouth could sing you would have heard muffled angel’s wings. He drank me as he tried to plug the leaks with his nose and mopped me up sounding happier than a pig in shit. He found my swollen little mast and sucked it up like he was trying to leave hicky while nibbling and flicking with his teeth and tongue until my dam exploded, driving him to stand up and take more desperate measures.

He ripped and ruined my panties for good before kicking my legs apart and wrapping his hand in my mane and pulling my head back while splitting me from behind and pushing me forward. Those angels had a chorus then as I sang “punish me” and reveled in the pleasure of the pain as he took no mercy in my atonement.  I felt the sting as he broke into me with his lance and the fire as I stretched to accommodate for its growing shaft until it slammed into the other end of me, just to pull back and do it again and again, determined to go through me. I pushed back with knuckles white and fists full with bedding, also hoping that he would run me through; and with building tears in my eyes, I looked back with a look that could have been misinterpreted as a plea for pity but he knows me better. He pulled my mane harder, this time with both hands, making an almost unnatural arch in my back, and drove me violently with hostile growls for which all I could answer “harder”. With punitive strikes he lashed until I heard the beginning of his death throes which alone could make me come; and with each increasing painfully perfect blow, he brought me to that very pinnacle where I just hung by the skin of my teeth until he was beside me and we could jump together. With literal howls we jumped tandem into the abyss of spotty consciousness and rapture that left us splayed out on the cool marble floor next to the bed wondering if we were dead. All he could pant was “good coffee huh?” as we laughed and pulled ourselves to our feet and zombie walked to our shower for a much needed cleansing. Happy Hump Day!!

No Quarter Given

After some celebratory high fives and chest bumps, she tells me that I hit it so hard and correctly that it brought on her period. I jestingly thumped my chest like a gorilla and even brushed off my shoulder like I was “the man”, and then we both laughed that off before dragging our nearly crippled asses back to the bed and passing out of exhaustion; but I digress.

Smoking Pot does something to me that apparently permits a lot more blood flow to my lower extremities while alleviating the back pain I’ve grown accustomed to living with, because after we got high, it was as if the rest of my body was just a hitchhiker on the will of my cock. I just hung in there like a champ, cheering it on and enjoying the show while my cock staked its claim on my beautiful wife as its own land and territory to conquer. As boastful and confident of its greatness my cock thought it was, my wife was like “bring it”; and the harder my cock hit it while trying to claim its dominance, the more she demanded. I was just like one of those morons in the crowd instigating him on, just hoping to see a good juicy fight.

It is somewhat of a haze now, but I’m pretty sure that she started it. She wanted me to relax while she played; so she locked the bedroom door, put her hair up in a “you’re going to watch me suck your cock pony”, and after finding the perfect position for my viewing pleasure, she picked up my cock and kissed him hello. I’m not sure, but I think it must had been all the extra blood flow, because it wasn’t just that casual hello kiss, but more like that “where the fuck have you been hiding for so long” kiss. She clutched onto it and kissed it all over and rubbed it all over her face as if she were marking her territory or like as if it was covered in cat nip or something. She wrapped both her hands around it and licked it like a soft serve ice cream cone in the heat of summer before taking it to the back of her throat and eventually even licking her hands and forearms as if not to waste a drop. I kept begging her to let me show her how good it felt until she conceded and straddled my face in sixty-nine to shut me up.

The view before was great; being able to see her perfect lips wrapped around my cock as her curly pony waved as her head bobbed and her eyes glazed over as if my cock was a delicious bong, but now the view became interactive. 3D pfft, I was going more than virtual as I kissed her nether lips hello sharing her same enthusiasm. She always gets all wet when sucking my cock and this time was no exception. Her lips were glossy and shimmering in her juices not to mention more swollen than Angelina Jolie’s, but just a little out of reach so that I couldn’t get my mouth wrapped around her little nub, so I slid two fingers inside her, hooked her fleshy g-spot and pulled her back to my face.  She spread her haunches more to facilitate before she began to dictate the pace. Let’s just say that there is something to being pleasantly numb while still having all that blood flow; It’s like that craving you cannot quench no matter how much you try, or that bruise that you just have to keep touching. Luckily for her, she came quickly and this time was able to keep on coming; mine was going to prove to be a test of my endurance and hers.

When I noticed, that after she came, that she was still gulping like a hungry Koi for more; I knew that it was on. I rolled her over and onto her back, eager to show her: what’s what, and she just gave me that look as if to say “what are you waiting for?” She even held open her doors, just as I hoped to ram through them. I couldn’t be discouraged because, thankfully that head has no brain and I continued to go all porn star on her. She too was raising my game as her breasts cheered like pom-poms on her chest and her eyes dared me for more as she bit into her bottom lip while smiling like she was spying on something she shouldn’t. She willed me to find ways to break her and with a simple dip in my hips while pushing her legs back just a bit, I found just the right angle. I pulled a pillow up under her head and shoulders just enough so that both of us could watch my cock at work. We both cheered him on as he pulled all the way out and dived deep again and again, all while daring to depend on some invisible guidance system or just the path of least resistance. Each time I broke into her both our faces must have read from shock and awe as my cock raked across her g-spot on its way to bounce off her deepest parts. I no longer feared giving her that orgasm that would finish her, and when she did come and launched off my cock with a foot on my chest; I wasn’t deterred or close to being done with her.

As she convulsed in climax, I stood at the edge of the bed and pulled her to me. I asked “what’s the matter baby” as I forced her thighs open and my cock deeper than she is. Her hands came up to my abs to buffer my blows even as she demanded more. “Oh FUCK” was the limit of her vocabulary as I locked onto her thighs and hammered her harder. I feel so lucky to be just the right size so that I can bury my cock and with the right amount of force, still be able to crush her clit between our bodies. It apparently hurt just right because she grabbed the edge of the bed as I rested her feet on my chest and locked onto her forearms for more leverage and continued to tenderize her. I’m not sure why but I want to believe that it was because she encouraged it, but I was a lot rougher than usual. I even felt the need for self-flagellation and understood how it does hurt so good. There is a certain amount of friction that keeps those areas full of blood and sensitive and though we both wanted to finish together, she crossed the finish line first, causing her legs to tighten once again and restricting my access to finish even if I could. She once again found herself needing to escape back into the middle of the bed, desperate for the brief intermission I allotted.

She might had thought she was finished and like so often, I knew she had one more in her. I spooned and pet her until my cock lost his patience, and once again I was just along for the ride, but thankful I was able to buy some time to catch our breaths. What little blood flow I had for reasoning, had abandoned me and I found myself behind her, and her ready to take one for the team. I really don’t know for sure if it is just my wishful thinking or her humoring me but I like to think that I have a secret weapon. As I entered her from behind I also massaged her starfish with my thumb and after some gentle teasing and massage, she actually invited me in. It seems to be an over-drive switch that catapults her to a whole other level and as I fill her just enough, she realized that she not only could do it again, but was already half way there. The finger play is stimulating without being threatening while filling some subconscious taboo desire in whatever part of the brain that was still participating. I know that if she came again, that my window of opportunity would be lost, so I switched my little switch on that says: it is okay for me to come. I dropped my shields and fed on all my senses. I washed myself in the delicious anguish in her face, and the sweet smell of our sex along and the sounds of her breathes and the little whimpers that escaped her, and eventual pleas for me to join her. I swam faster in her soft waves as I bounce off her ass and could feel her contracting around me; I bathed in her love and I gave myself back to her in a roaring climax before crashing down next to her feeling all exalted. I got up to rinse while she recovered a bit longer before getting up too to rinse our delicate parts as we joked about waking her monthly beast and dragging our weathered bodies back to bed and succumbing to one last orgasm; the bedgasm. Happy Hump Day!!

What Dreams May Come

I rolled over after having an amazingly hot dream to find him on his back and his fat cock lying across his abs. He must be back in my dream, like he is always saying he will see me in before we fall asleep. I contemplate for a stupid second, going back to sleep to catch up where we left off, but reality is looking too good to pass up, so I just sit there watching him sleep and thinking if he’d mind if I started without him. The sight of his delicious morning wood stretching halfway up his stomach reminds me of a fallen great redwood and it gets me day dreaming where my wet dream left off. I’m all kinds of horny and torn between waking him purposely and feigning some form of sleep molestation. I decide to assume a convenient position that still allots me a view while being able to abuse myself comfortably.

His cock is still glazed from our other-worldly session last night, that had us both too exhausted to get up after so we literally just pasted out. I reach down between my thighs to check my oil and just as I suspected, my engine is warmed up from my dream. I bring my fingers to my mouth to taste myself as I watch those big blues roll under his lids. He smirks in his sleep and I decide to entertain myself a little while longer without waking him to let him enjoy his dream. He doesn’t use covers and I sit there and admire his physique, all the way from those Brook Shield’s eyebrows, to his dimples and then down over his power shoulders and pecks and continue down his furry wall to his enchanting cock as it flexes in response to whatever he is dreaming. My fingers taste so delicious, salty and sweet and I dip them again into my au jus and spread the wealth around my clit. I soon get carried away and I’m making too much noise with my little whimpers and the smacking sound my nether lips make while I jostle my little swollen joy-stick. I’m literally salivating to the point of drooling looking at his fat cock, and the need becomes too much, and I start to pet his thick veiny appendage. He stirs and smiles bigger but doesn’t wake, even after I stretch my mouth over his cock like a glove.

I go slow and take his cock deep to the back of my throat without missing a note while strumming my own strings. His cock gets larger and drives me closer to climax and I hear him say “suck it baby” and look up to see if he is awake. I’m torn to find that he is still asleep but just as demanding, and I suck him deeper and harder allowing my saliva to lube his shaft and balls, as my itch gets harder and harder to scratch. I stroke and roll his balls and feel his hand on top of my head pushing me deeper while his hips thrust and roll. I get consumed and forget all about my itch completely, and I’m desperately hoping that he comes down my throat until I hear “good morning my love”, and look up to see his whole face smiling a sleepy smile and actually get to see those happy bedroom blues. He grabs my head firmly on both sides and pulls me off his cock, forcing me to relinquish my hold and hopes for giving him his “happy ending”. He pulls me up and kisses my now swollen lips before growling and throwing me onto my back and putting the back of my thighs under his arms and kissing my other swollen lips. “What got into you” he asks, to which I reply “you soon, I hope”.

He is so happy when he finds me already a sopping mess that his growls get hungrier and he uses his face to spread my au jus and kisses my starfish good morning before moving back up and capturing my clit and spreading me taut with his mouth and flickering his tongue up and down my screaming clit. I reach out and milk his hanging cock which is just out of reach of my mouth and I pout because it would help to keep me pre-occupied and from coming too quickly. I massage his taint hoping to distract him but it just makes him more voracious and I am soon right back at ground zero, and he doesn’t relent until I’m water-boarding him and filling his nose with come and flexing involuntarily. I was pissed for a second because that wasn’t the way I wanted to come and with his thick kick stand still in my hand I push him onto his back, ready to teach him a lesson. He smiles smugly as I mount him and try to slowly guide myself onto his cock because I’m still so sensitive, but he doesn’t like to give up control and grabs me by my hips and forces me down while thrusting up hard. All I could do is shake my head and give him stink eye as his smug smile stretched further as if to say “what you going to do about it?”

I dig my nails into his chest until I come down enough so that it isn’t so tortuous. I slowly stretch to accommodate him and as try to assume control by rocking back and forth with him scraping my deepest parts, my body recovers quickly and I’m ready for another round. I’m up for some morning aerobics as I watch his face intently for any signs of weakness so that I can take advantage. His bedroom blues eventually soften as he surrenders and I feel I have him where I want him and start talking shit. I tell him how good his cock feels deep up inside of me and I even lie and tell him I’m about to come, hoping to wear him down even further. He growls “Oh fuck!” and I can actually feel his cock get bigger and it hurts so fucking good as I impale myself on it until I no longer need to lie because I too am close to liftoff. He is bucking madly and his finger slides into my ass and FORGETABOUTIT!! My count down goes down from 10 to 9 and straight to 3 and I realize that I’m no longer in control and he is fucking me from the bottom. He loves to come in control and I have to admit that most of the time, I love it that way too. We both come so hard while trying not to wake up the rest of the house with our victory cries and I collapse onto his chest as we labor to catch our breaths. When I catch enough breath, I ask him what he was dreaming about, but he never remembers, and I explain to him what got into me before he did, and he says “this is my dream” and gives me a soft kiss and pants “I love you.” As I move he jerks because he is the one that is too sensitive for a change and to get the last word, I giggle while I ride up and down in the saddle to just to watch him squirm. Happy Hump Day!!

Tourettial Lovin

I started off with such control and ended up having one of those orgasms that give you Tourette’s of both the mouth and face. It was all because I was watching her beautiful face as I drove her, and nothing like Miss Daisy. I know that there is no possible way my “OH face” could have been nearly as beautiful as hers are but like Tourette’s, it was out of my control.

I had one of those raging alcohol induced hardons and I wanted to exact some sweet revenge for her teasing me all night while we were out for one of our only once in a blue moon weekends. We were kid and fancy free and decided to make it a weekend of drinking, dancing and bar hopping at the Hard Rock Casino. No drive no fuss with a suite in the Hotel, room service and plenty of options at our disposal, plus whoever gets kicked out of a Casino, more than once?

I’d love to be able to fill you in on all the boring details of that first night but I have to admit that I lost all those details in the drunken haze and blacked out the majority of the night, and can only recall our down and dirty lovin. Obviously we danced and sweat off enough of the booze to still be able to perform like porn starts for a minute, and thankfully that reel is still fresh and free for the reliving.

When she decided to drag my ass off the dance floor and up to our room, we were lucky that we weren’t arrested to public indecency for our elevator and hallway antics outside our suite.  She was grabby as a mother fucker ever since she realized how hard she made my cock while grinding on the dance floor. The only reason we decided to go up to our room was because the dancing got to be too much of a tease and the clothes a hindrance. She pretty much walked me off the dance floor via my cock through my pants instead of my hand and when the elevator doors closed, her hands were in my pants and I had to restrain her because we weren’t the only ones in there. She didn’t care and pleaded for me to let her suck my cock right there, while the other people in there with us just nodded their heads yes and started to pull out their phones to video. I wasn’t ready for You Tube and was able to talk her down, well at least until we reached the door to our suite.

While I fumbled with the key card, she wedged herself between the door and I and dropped to her knees and had my cock out and in her mouth which sure didn’t make opening the door any easier. Instead I looked side to side and snuck in a couple of peaks while she finally got her way. I eventually got the key card ready and was prepared to use it until she sucked me brain dead. I found myself driving deep to the back of her throat until I noticed that her head was knocking against the door and stopped thrusting. When I stopped she removed her hand from my cock and put both of her hands on my ass to pull me deeper because she didn’t want me to stop. Lets just say that she was saved by the bell of the elevator from certain decapitation and just as she was tasting pre-come, I was pulling her to her feet and through the door, barely in time to avoid the large group of people getting off the elevator.

It was my turn and I could already tell that my cock was up for the challenge. He was monstrously hard as I picked her up and carried her to the bed with no hands. She peeled off her sweat soaked top just before I threw her onto the bed, and while I performed a corny little strip tease, she too ripped her remaining clothes off and bit into her lip with a hungry look in her eyes. As I was freeing my cock the rest of the way she laid back and spread her thighs and patted her clit like a bag of cat nip with the look on her face that told me I’d better hurry. Not wanting to miss a thing, I literally jumped out of my shoes and briefs and pants to have a front row seat. The way her brows wrinkled and her mouth hung agape as her finger rolled over her clit told me that she was ready for me. I used my feet to remove my socks as my face descended between her thighs and my mouth closed around her hard little nub. I could taste the blood under the surface of her skin because she was swollen already and super sensitive. Her juices had already welled up at the threshold and were ready to spill out when I put my fingers at her opening. I wanted to take my time but she wasn’t hearing it and soon pulled me up by my hair and demanded “fuck me now”, and didn’t wait for me to comply as she found my cock to guide it in. I didn’t dare deny her, and I rammed her hard, once again slamming her head into wood.

“YES!!!” And as I paused to pull her back down, impaling her hard against me, she pleaded “Please don’t stop” which told me she was too close for me to play my games and I tried to talk her down by asking her to hold it off just a little bit longer. “I can’t” she replied as she really concentrated with all her might to stay it off. Her face screamed in agony for release as her straining face warned me of the inevitable. My strokes were long but deep and firm, and every time I bottomed out inside her, I could tell that her shields were weakening and the look on her face yelled “mother fucker, how can you really expect me to hold it off when you are hitting it like that?” It was like I was pumping her up and she was going to explode and as I did, she got more and more irresistible as her features plumped up, her breathing labored and her eyes begged and begged until they were just two flashing warning signs. By driving her out of her fucking mind, I too lost mine. It was just too exciting to maintain control any longer and I too became manic and as soon as she mouthed “I’m coming”, I went all kinds of Tourette’s on her. I didn’t even recognize myself nor could I help it as I screamed profanities and made faces that you only see in the WWF. When we finally stopped convulsing, we both just lay there with one of our hands covering our hearts and the other one rubbing ours heads like we had just been dropped from the mother ship after being probed and tested on. When we gained our breath back we echoed “I love you” and quickly just passed out.

I woke a few hours later with her curled up tight next to me for my warmth and I kissed her Zombie drooling ass and pulled the covers over us. We slept late the next morning and, I know we planned on partying the weekend away like rock stars, but we both realized our age and decided to spend the rest of the weekend rotating between the pool and our bed ordering in and just recovering with a spattering of domestic loving thrown in. Happy Hump Day!!